Purposeful Pets: Benefits of Pets for Senior Adults

Benefits of pets for senior adults: EG Resident walks with her dog, Bossy.

EG Resident walks with her dog, Bossy.

Young and old, it is easy to love animals. As you age, the benefits of caring for pets may be more than you would expect. There are many benefits of pets for senior adults, promoting happiness, health, and fitness.

Reduce Stress

Senior adults who own pets experience less stress than their pet-less peers. Pet interaction may lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, as it can decrease blood pressure and cholesterol.

Promote Exercise

Walking a dog or playing with a cat adds exercise in a senior’s life that wouldn’t exist without a pet. Pets require daily exercise, which leaves no excuses for seniors who may shy away from exercise in poor weather.

Decrease Loneliness

Isolation can increase the risk of heart disease, but isolation can be reduced with the addition of a pet. A furry friend can provide companionship and affection to a senior. When taking their dog on a walk, seniors may interact with others which could lead to friendships. This companionship is constant.

Provide Joy

It is nearly impossible not to smile when you see furry friend! Pets can bring seniors joy and happiness daily- especially as they encourage the release of serotonin- the “happy” hormone.

Find a Routine

Caring for a pet can help a senior adult find a routine- feeding their pet at specific times, exercising and playing with their pet, and scheduling and maintaining veterinary appointments provide a routine for seniors to adhere to. This routine may even provide purpose to the senior as they provide care to their furry companion.


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